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Piero Vicini joined the Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare (Rome,Italy) as research associate in 1993. Currently he is senior research associate at the INFN.
From 1993-1998 he was one of the principal investigators of INFN APE Group, the supercomputing initiative of INFN, responsible for HW development, VLSI design and production of the APE Supercomputer and, from 2005, he is spokesman and coordinator of the whole research group.
He has been the Italian member of the European High Performance Task Force Committee and currently he is member of INFN Technological and Inter-Disciplinary re- search committee. From 2006 he coordinates the INFN participation to the EU FP6 project denominated "SHAPES" and from 2010, he is responsible for the INFN node of the EU FP7 project "EURETILE". In this framework he leads the APENet+ collaboration aiming to design a 3D Torus network architecture on high-end FPGA for hybrid system accelerated by last generation GPU. Furthermore he was leading organizer and member of program committee of several international workshops and conferences.
Current research interests and activities are in the field of development of massively parallel processing systems optimized for scientific numerical simulation and,in particular, floating point processor architectures, dedicated network architecture on FPGA, computational accelerators and high performance system integration.
He co-authored more than 150 international peer- reviewed journal and conference papers (total citations 2100, h-index 24)