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Enzo Marinari Curriculum Vitae (updated: March 2018)
============= ----------------
Personal data:
Born on July 7th, 1957. Italian citizen
Professional address:
Dip. Fisica, Univ. di Roma "La Sapienza", P. A. Moro 2, 00185 Roma (Italy).
Tel: +39 - 06 49 91 43 63; Fax: +39 - 06 97 25 70 50
E-mail: WWW:
Professional status and career:
From 11/1999 to date: Full Professor of Theoretical Physics at Sapienza
University, Rome
From 2/2004 to 2011: Scientific Director for Physics of BIFI (Institute for
Biocomputation and Physics of Complex Systems), Zaragoza, Spain,
Full Professor at Cagliari University, 11/1994 to 11/1999
Associate Professor at Rome University "Tor Vergata", 11/1988 to 11/1994
Assistant Professor at Rome University "Tor Vergata", 11/1984 to 11/1988
Director for Physics of NPAC (Northeast Parallel Architecture Center, NY,
USA) and Visiting Professor at Syracuse University, 11/1992 to 11/1994
Staff scientist at CEA Saclay, France, 11/1982 to 11/1984
Awards and invitations:
Awards: 2006, the "Best Poster Award" of Supercomputing 2006 (Tampa, USA) has
been awarded to the poster describing the prototype of Janus, an FPGA based
multiprocessor designed and realized by a group coordinated by E. Marinari,
A. Tarancon (Zaragoza) and R. Tripiccione (Ferrara) to analyze numerically
very complex problems; 1992, "Award for Essays" from the "Gravity Research
Foundation" (USA); 1989, "Accademia dei Lincei" Prize for Best Physicist
under the age of 35; 1980, Persico Fellowship from "Accademia dei Lincei"
Visiting (periods of one month or more):
2017-2018 visiting the KITP Kavli Santa Barbara Institute (CA, USA),
2013-2014 visiting the KITP Kavli Santa Barbara Institute (CA, USA),
2012-2013 invited professor at "Paris Sud" Orsay University
2006-2007, invited professor at Ecole Normale Superieure (Paris);
Funding and project coordination:
2010: Dynamics Response Energetics and Epistasis of Cellular Metabolism -
Funded by IIT - 0.7 ME. This project has been evaluated 98/100, first
among the 37 projects selected for funding (over 234 submitted).
2003-2007 Project manager for "Message Passing" of the Integrated EEC Project
"EVERGROW". Coordinator of the Rome node.
2002-2006 Coordinator of the Rome node for the Marie Curie Network STIPCO.
2003-2006 Coordinator of the Rome node for the project of the Italian
Research Ministry "Very High Frequency Dynamics in Financial Markets"
Administration and organization:
2016-2018 President of the Italian national board for abilitation to
professorship in theoretical physics (sector 02A2).
2016: Head of theoretical physics body (subgev) for ANVUR evaluation of
italian research.
2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013: member of the IUF (Institut Universitaire de
France) jury for "under 40 grants" (the board assigns grants to French
university professors that will drastically reduce their teaching charge
during a period of 5 years).
2008-2009: elected member of the scientific committee of AST (Science and
Technology part of Sapienza University).
2008, 2010, 2012 and 2014: member of the EEC PE2 for the evaluation of the
"ERC Advanced Grants".
2007-2012: Director of the Graduate School in Astronomical, Chemical, Earth,
Mathematical and Physical Sciences "Vito Volterra", and Head of the Physics
PhD program, at Sapienza Universita' di Roma.
He has organized a large number of meetings:
among the most recents Parisi70 (September 2018), the Guerra Festschrift
(Sapienza Rome, 9/2012), the Capri meeting (06/2012) "Statistical Mechanics
in Systems Biology: Regulation, Inference, Optimization", the "Parisi60"
meeting (Sapienza and Lincei, 9/2008), where he was the chairperson, "SPDSA
2005", Accademia dei Lincei, Rome, 9/2005; "Theory and measurement in
"EVERGROW", ENS Paris, 5/2004; Les Houches 2003 (with Mezard and Parisi);
"Complexity", Rome, 2002, "Glassy Physics", Accademia dei Lincei, Rome, 2002.
He has been in the program technical committee of the workshop "Networking
Across Disciplines: Communication Networks, Complex Systems and Statistical
Physics (NETSTAT)" held in conjunction with the IEEE International Conference
on Communications (ICC) 2013 in Budapest, Hungary.
He has been member of the program committee (PC) of the Second Conference on
"Quantum Information meets Statistical Mechanics", (QISM 2012), Innsbruck,
Austria, 9/2012.
Editor of Journal of Physics A from 1997 to 2003. He is referee for, among
others, Nucl. Phys. B, Phys. Rev., Phys., Rev. Lett., JSTAT, Europhys. Lett.,
Europ. Phys. J., J. Phys. A, J. Stat. Phys..
2016: referee for the Israel Science Foundation.
2016: evaluation of funding for applied research, Slovenia Science Ministery.
He has evaluated and followed projects for the
Industrial Innovation Program of the Italian Ministry for Productive
Activities (MAP) and for the Excellence Program (direct calls of exceptional
professors from abroad) of the University Italian Ministry.
11/2004 member of the panel reviewing the Statistical Physics Laboratory (LPS)
of Ecole Normale in Paris.
From 2001 to 2004 member of the Scientific Council for Computing of CEA Saclay
2002/2003: he has directed the "Consorzio Gran Sasso" (attached to INFN
He has has been teaching Theoretical Physics and Computational Physics courses
in undergraduate, master and PhD progams.
He has directed a large number of PhD and "Laurea" students. More recently:
2018 Canio Benedetto (Master), 2017-2020 Ilaria Paga (PhD). 2017 Davide
Bianchi (Master), 2012-2015: Matteo Mori (PhD). 2011-2014: Matteo Figliuzzi
He has been member or president of a large number of boards for awarding
PhD titles in different European countries.
2018: President of the board for PhD of Ada Altieri (Paris Sud and Sapienza).
2/2016: president of the board for PhD of Tommaso Brotto (Milan University)
9/2015: board for PhD of Marco Baity Jesi (Complutense Madrid)
2/2014; board for PhD of Pierfrancesco Urbani.
11/2012: member of the board for HDR of Francesco Zamponi (ENS Paris)
9/2011: member of the board for PhD of David Yllanes (Complutense Madrid)
1/2010: President of the board for PhD Antonio Gordillo (Complutense Madrid)
Main research interests:
Statistical Physics, Quantitative and Systems Biology, Disordered and
Complex Systems, Numerical Simulations and Algorithms, Parallel Computers
Research activity: More than 270 scientific papers in international journals and
conference proceedings. Coauthor of a textbook for undergraduate studies,
edited as "Programmazione Scientifica", by Pearson (2006) in Italian and as
"Scientific Programming" by World Scientific in English (2012).
Editor of a number of volumes of conference proceedings.
Recent invited talks:
KITP 2018 (two official recorded talks) Corfu 2017, Salerno 2017, Venezia
2015, Rutgers 2015, Kyoto 2015, ICTP 2013, Hilerod 2013, CMTP Roma 3 2013,
Saclay 2013, Zaragoza 2012, Guerra Festschrift 2012, Innsbruck 2012,
IPCF Cetraro 2012, Cipro 2011, Trondheim 2011, IIT-Sapienza 2011, Bardonecchia
2011, Orsay 2010, Marienham 2010, Istituto Italiano di Studi Germanici 2010,
Kyoto ICSG 2010, Kyoto IW-SMI 2010.
From ISI database. (March 9, 2018)
Results found: 196
Citations: 5660
Citations without self-citations: 5189
h-index: 38.
From Google Scholar database (March 9, 2018)
330 records (with some duplicates, corresponding to a number of scientific
contributions of the order of 275),
Citations: 11991 (2364 citations from 2013)
h-index = 55 (22 from 2013),
(Last updated: March 9, 2018)