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Settore scientifico disciplinare di riferimento  (FIS/05)
Ateneo Università degli Studi di ROMA "La Sapienza" 
Struttura di afferenza Dipartimento di FISICA 
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Research interests
Extrasolar Planets – Observational Cosmology – Cosmic Microwave Background – Submillimeter Galactic and extragalactic astronomy – Star Formation – Astronomy Instrumentation.

Personal web page:
Academic Experience
Associate Professor, La Sapienza University of Rome, IT, Nov. 2016 – now
Reader, Cardiff University, UK, Aug. 2015-Oct. 2016
Senior lecturer, Cardiff University, UK, Aug. 2012-Jul. 2015
Lecturer, Cardiff University, UK, Oct. 2007-Jul. 2012
PDRA, National Research Council–IROE, Italy, Jan. 1999-Dec. 2002
Visiting Researcher, California Institute of Technology, CA, USA, 1996-1999

Ph.D. in Experimental Physics, University of Toronto, ON, Canada. Advisor: Prof. C. B. Netterfield (defence 2007).
Laurea in Experimental Physics, summa cum laude, Univeristy of Rome “La Sapienza”, Italy, 1996. Advisor: Prof. P. de Bernaris.

Professional Training
Leadership & Management Development Programme for Research Team Leaders, Modules 1 and 2 (2014)
Cardiff University Equality & Diversity awareness training for staff with line management responsibilities (2014)
Postgraduate Certificate in University Teaching and Learning, PCUTL, 2010.

Current Projects
Atmospheric Remote–sensing Infrared Exoplanet Large–survey – ARIEL
Twinkle: a UK-led transit spectrometer experiment in Near-Earth Orbit
MUSCAT, a mm-wave camera for the LMT
TolTEC, a polarisation-sensitive mm-wave camera for the LMT
The Balloon-borne Far-IR interferometer – BETTII
The Balloon-borne Large-Aperture Submillimetric Telescope – BLAST

Teaching and examination
Cardiff University
2007/2011 Investigative Physics (PX1217, 1st year, 10 credits)
2007/2012 Electromagnetism (PX2224, 2nd year, 10 credits)
2011/2013 Mathematics for Physical Scientists II, (PX1222, 1st year, 10 credits)
2012/2016 Physics of the Early Universe (PX4223, 4th year, 10 credits)
2013/2016 Cosmology (PX3146, 3th year, 10 credits)
2009/2016 Photometric techniques. (Postgraduate lecture series)
2013/2016 Astronomy instrumentation. (Postgraduate lecture series)
La Sapienza University of Rome
2017/now Physics for biotechnologies (1st year Undergraduate, 9CFU)
2017/now Observational cosmology (1st year Magistrale, 6CFU)

Ph.D. students
2008/2011 Ph.D. Primary Supervisor, dr L. Moncelsi (Cardiff University)
2011/2015 Ph.D. Primary Supervisor, dr Sam Rowe (Cardiff University)
2009/2014 Ph.D. Second Supervisor, dr R. Juanola–Parramon (UCL).
2013/2017 Ph.D. Primary Supervisor, dr Subhajit Sarkar (Cardiff University)
2018/now Ph.D. Second Supervisor, dr Sabrina Mordini (La Sapienza University of Rome)
2018/now Ph.D. Primary Supervisor, dr Lorenzo Mugnai (La Sapienza University of Rome)